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Your Family and neighbourhood with MyTaman App

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With your neighbours and create a closer community

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Where only your taman neighbours hang out

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MyTaman Guard Button

Just a simple press of a button and the siren will go off at the guard house, at the same time, alarm your neighbours of danger. The guards will be notified your house unit and rush to your house right away.

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Guard Panel – VMS

Your guards can now use our Visitor Management System (VMS) to manage visitors easily! Our visitors feature from the app allows residents to prebook their visitors. Simply key in who your visitors are in MyTaman App, and it will be sent to the Guard Panel!

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Trusted Vendors

Have you always wanted to know what are the Vendors that service your taman? Well, find no more! Here we present you Trusted Vendors, whose Residents in your taman has always depended on, with promotions as a cherry on top.

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