How it came about?

“Taman” means neighbourhood in Malaysian context. People would usually associate “Taman” as the area where they live. The word itself is in the Malay language. Having a safe and secure taman is every family’s objective but we live in an imperfect world where thieves and intruders will occur. Intruders or unidentified suspects who break into your house bring fear and insecurity to your family and home. MyTaman app serves to help families and tamans create a secure and safe neighbourhood for individuals to stay without the fear of break-ins and burglary. Not only that, it brings distance amongst neighbours as they trust each other less. So, Instead of pumping in money for tighter security, Ben had the idea of creating an App that can help with security, restoring peace to his Taman and ensure there are no strangers in Malaysian Tamans. Thus MyTaman is created. It enables neighbourhoods to relive their lives to be free as well as have the chance to engage with neighbours.